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Here's what the customers say about ICS-JMR

  • "The speed and ultra reliability of the Solo 4 along with the file format flexibility is just we were looking for. We are now able to image suspect drives in less than half the time, which allows us to use our forensic machines for full time forensics and not have to use them for imaging. Onsite imaging is now very fast without the need to carry a lot of equipment".
    Kevin Chaney (EnCE) Orange Police Department

  • "We estimate these units will save us approximately 6,800 to 10,880 man-hours per year, a cost savings of $170,000 to $272,000. These gains of course will be rolled back into other tasks we presently have to defer, but it's still a huge savings and increase in productivity/consistency.
    MSgt. Jason McBride, U.S Air Force Systems Integration Manager, Rapid Image Testimonial

  • "As a Computer Forensic Investigator and Trainer, I highly recommend the ImageMASSter Solo 3 forensic tool. This tool is easy to use, extremely fast and most importantly, you get solid forensic images with verification."
    Neil Broom, Technical Resource Center, Inc.

  • "I have used the Solo3 on multiple cases now. Each case has included hard drives as little as 10GIGs and as large as 250GIG SATAs. Each time the speed and accuracy has surpassed my expectations. On two occasions, competition was on the scene - and I allowed them to do their imaging first. They carried in a PC with monitor and hooked up to the target drive and started the process. On one case, we went to lunch and came back - still sitting and waiting for it to complete. When competition told the user "We might have to come back the next day so PM Investigations could do their imaging.", I replied that I can be done often in 2 hours, sometimes less depending on the speed of the drive and the size. This was done in this case, in 2 hours, and we left together before the close of business. So their imaging took 4 hours, I finished in 2!

    Even though I recommend ICS-JMR to the competition (and that is hard to do, since I can loose a strong edge to why I think I'm best suited to do the case) they often walk away thinking 'There is no reason to change.', but I can think of several reasons to change:

    1) It saves time - and time is money
    2) It shows to the 'user' I know what I'm doing
    3) The device looks (and acts) like a professional device and adds creditability.
    4) I can do two evidence drives is 1/2 the time as the PC they lug around
    5) Its portable! And portable means I'm in - and out - faster, which gives the computer back to the user!

    Today I got a call to image a 500GIG SATA drive. Not sure the case will come to the 'table' but if it does, I told them to "Look out! Because my tools can do it!".
    Jim Persinger, PM Investigations, Inc.

  • "ICS-JMR was one of the first vendors to assist Law Enforcement in the field of computer crime. Since 1996, ICS-JMR has worked with the NYPD and HTCIA to develop a forensic tool at their own cost. ICS-JMR has always been a friend to law enforcement and is the best example of industry working with Law Enforcement as we enter this new era of combating Technology Crime.."
    James Doyle (ret Sgt NYPD), President Internet Crimes
  • "As an external drive and RAID system manufacturer, we go through thousands of disks each week in our manufacturing process. Disk testing and preparing used to be a time consuming ordeal- no longer, thanks to the image Masster 4008i from Intelligent Computer Solutions. Utilizing the 4008i, we have been able to process 100% more drives for production in the same amount of time then manually, with no additional manpower! Thanks a million, ICS-JMR!"
    Alex Koyshman Director, Product Development. MicroNet Technologies

  • "Our people were really impressed by the IM Solo 2 Forensic and Link MASSter units we purchased…"
    Lt. Amer Sharafuddin Sharaf System Administrator Dubai Police

  • "As a Police Officer assigned to the NYPD Computer Investigations and Technology Unit, I was first introduced to the ImageMasster solo. This handheld unit performed admirably, resulting in over 200 field acquisitions of evidence. Since then ICS-JMR has introduced the Solo II Forensics model with added ability to acquire SCSI type hard drives in the field. This unit can bit stream data up to 1.2 GB a minute. Today I use the Solo II in a corporate environment as a Computer Forensic Examiner. Results are accurate, fast and dependable. I highly recommend the product and welcome any future advancements."
    Luke Cats Retired NYPD, CITU

  • "The reliability, flexibility and user interface of this unit are exceptional. Our bottom line is customer satisfaction with our notebooks, and the Image MASSter does an excellent job."
    Armando Escalante, Executive Director PC Division, Canon Computer Systems

  • "We are extremely happy with the Image MASSter. It is so fast. As a matter of fact, it is 4 times faster than the competition. It's saving us a lot of time and money."
    Denis Hughes, Configuration Project Manager, Ingram Micro

  • "We use the Image MASSter to load software on UNIX stations. It previously took us one hour to load one drive. Now we load 4 drives in less than 10 minutes. It is an excellent solution for low to mid volume duplication."
    Phillip Binkley, Associate Test Engineer, SCI

  • "As a small integrator, I need to fill orders quickly. With the Image MASSter I can load in a matter of minutes and deliver products immediately."
    John McCrimmon, Owner, JAM Information Systems

  • "We love the Image MASSter. We are an OEM, shipping hundreds of PC's a month. The Image MASSter increases our production capabilities significantly. It is simple, reliable, and the best common solution for software duplication."
    Scott Barber, Director of Manufacturing, Compex Technologies

  • "We use the Image MASSter to manage software updates in our facility and as a preventative maintenance tool. It increases our capability significantly and frees up valuable resources."
    Chris Bortoli, Lab Manager, Intel Corporation

  • "The ImageMASSter Solo-3 is THE total forensics acquisition tool! It is blazingly fast, with an elegant, easy to use interface, but above all ACCURATE and forensically sound. And ICS-JMR has unbeatable tech support. This is a MUST-HAVE tool for your data acquisition toolbox!"
    David A. DeMaio, Computer Acumen, LLC

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